PopFeminism Revisited. Exploring the Benefits and Pitfalls of Digital Feminism


Dr.in Christina Scharff (King's College London)


Based on thirty in-depth interviews with a diverse group of feminist activists, this inaugural lecture will explore the benefits and pitfalls of digital activism. Reflecting on earlier accounts of PopFeminism, and linking these to scholarly analysis of the popularisation of feminism, the lecture will present the findings from interviews conducted with feminists who were mainly active in the digital sphere, and who were based in Germany and the UK at the time of interview (in early 2022). In particular, the lecture will highlight and critically analyse three features of contemporary digital feminism and the ways in which they resonate with wider forms of pop/popular feminism: 1) shedding light on the intersections between digital feminism and neoliberalism by showing how neoliberalism does not only work on an economic, but also on an affective level 2) adding to our understanding of the exclusions that characterise digital feminism by zooming in on the dimension of class and re-thinking class inequalities beyond mere issues of ‘access’ and 3) developing an understanding of the interplay between the digital economy and digital feminism by exploring the extent to which commonly made distinctions between activists as purely politically motivated and influencers as exclusively commercially driven hold. Interspersed with empirical examples, the lecture asks what is at stake when feminism becomes popular on social media.


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